Fricke Agricultural machinery

FRICKE Agricultural machinery

As one of the five largest agricultural engineering companies in Germany, we offer our customers the best accessibility and the highest level of service. We have been awarded several times with the coveted shell service award.

Always close to you

Our three main locations can be found in Heeslingen, Demmin and Harsefeld. Our twenty-four agricultural engineering locations, nine in Lower Saxony, ten in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and five in Poland, stand for our outstanding presence in the area. In addition, you will find our local sales team on site, ready to offer advice on site for all your wishes.

FRICKE Landtechnik Demmin

Strong Brands

We offer a strong brand portfolio to satisfy our customers’ every need. Among others, we introduce the machines of top manufacturers such as Claas, John Deere (FRICKE Mragowo / Poland), Amazone, Farmtech, Grimme, Hardi, Kaweco, Kemper, Kotte, Krampe, Maschio, Raven, sapphire, Tebbe, Trioliet and Väderstad.


Harvest Emergency Service

Thanks to our training and training courses, our workshop teams are always up-to-date with the latest technology to ensure its operational capability. With the latest technical diagnostic system, ninety six excellently equipped customer service vehicles and harvest emergency services are available in the season. After all, what use is the best service if it does not work perfectly well in an emergency.


FRICKE used-machines center in Bokel

The FRICKE used-machines center, conveniently located directly on the A1 motorway in Bokel, offers up to 1000 used machines on a plot of 20 000 square meters. The entire assortment is available and up to date on and in the FRICKE used machines app for android and ios.


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Broad brand portfolio of new and used machines
Sales, consulting, training, workshop, customer service, emergency service in the season…
Farmers, wage earners
North and North-East Germany
North Germany 9, East Germany 10 and Poland 5
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