FAQ - General questions

What should an application include?
Your application includes cover letter, CV, as well as the last certificates. If available, please also provide employment certificates, internship assessments, further certificates and / or certificates. Please do not send us any originals.


How should I apply?
There are two ways you can apply to the FRICKE Group. Either online at www.fricke.de or by post.


In which format should the online application be sent?
As a file format is best PDF. We prefer a file that contains all the documents. Please do not exceed the maximum file size of 128 Mb.


What happens when I submit my online application?
After submitting your online application, you will automatically receive an acknowledgment of receipt via e-mail.


How is the selection process going?
If your application documents have convinced us, you will receive an invitation to a personal identification discussion. After a positive discussion between the two, you will receive an invitation from us for a second meeting with the respective head of department. If you convince us in this conversation, you will receive a contract offer from us – and we look forward to welcoming you to the FRICKE Group.


Can I also apply proactively at any time?
If there is nothing suitable for you among our vacancies, you can apply proactively at any time. Please indicate which area you are interested in.


Can I apply at several locations or in several places at the same time?
Yes, it is possible to apply for different positions in parallel. Multiple applications do not affect current applications. However, please adapt your cover letter to the relevant position for multiple applications.


I’ve already applied before, can I apply again?
Of course, you can re-apply if we do not consider you for the desired position.


How can I tell if a job I’m interested in has already been awarded?
All posts on our homepage are vacant and up-to-date. There are regular data comparisons here.

Special questions about education / studies

When is the right application date?
It is best to apply for a year or so before the start of training – in the summer of the previous year. Of course, you can apply all year round. But if you apply too late, it may be that all apprenticeships are taken for the year in question.


When does the training begin?
Usually, the training / dual study begins on 1 August.


How does the training begin?
How your first days and weeks of training will look depends on your location. There is usually an introductory event to help you get your bearings. You will learn more about the course of your training, get to know the other trainees and get insights into the company where you will be training.


Where does the vocational training take place and which departments do I meet?
During your training, you will go through various departments at your training location that are relevant to your training occupation.


Are semester abroad also offered for the dual study programs?
A stay abroad during a practical phase is obligatory. Depending on current projects, a foreign location will be determined.


If I have opted for a dual degree course, what awaits me in the practical phases?
During your practical training, you will get to know FRICKE Group divisions and practically apply the theoretical course content. They gain insights into the structures, tasks and workflows of the various departments, work in the day-to-day business and have the opportunity to contribute and deepen their knowledge of projects.


How good are the acquisition opportunities after the training?
Acquisition opportunities are very good in the past because of the experience and development of the company. Of course we can not give you a takeover guarantee here. But if you have successfully completed your training and have a job vacancy in the company, there are very good chances that you can continue to work in the company.