Fricke Social engagement

FRICKE Social engagement

For several years now, the initiative “FRICKE social engagement” has supported social engagement in the region as well as associations, institutions and initiatives in the fields of education and sport.


FRICKE Social Day

As a family business, represented at many different locations in Germany and rooted in the region, the FRICKE Group feels obliged to give something back to the people. In order to further expand its social commitment as part of the initiative “FRICKE social engagement”, the FRICKE Group has been organizing the annual FRICKE Social Day since 2016. As part of this project, the trainees support social institutions, institutions, associations or similar. in the region and participate in various projects. Looking back over the past two years, the FRICKE Group has already been able to support around 40 social projects in the region.



Refugees from various countries such as Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria and Côte d’Ivoire are doing internships at the FRICKE Group since mid-October 2016. The contact to the refugee relief in Heeslingen made the honorary member Ferdinand Rogge with the district council member Henning FRICKE ago. The refugees work in various companies of the FRICKE Group. For example, they work for FRICKE agricultural machines in the workshop, for SAHIR mechanical engineering in assembly, for Hofmeister and Meincke in logistics, and for GRANIT in the marketing department. The internships of some refugees were so successful that the FRICKE Group was able to offer these dedicated people even a permanent work or apprenticeship. In addition, the FRICKE Group offers the refugees internal German courses.


These courses are aimed at all employees with little or no knowledge of German. This should serve to break down the language barriers, motivate people to speak more German and thus promote integration overall.

An example of the integration of people with disabilities is Sebastian Dean from Tostedt. He is 34 years old, an early childhood autist and additionally suffers from epilepsy. He works since September 2014, in a permanent employment, 15 hours a week in the GRANIT logistics department in Heeslingen. In prepacking, Sebastian’s job is to pack loose / unwrapped items in GRANIT boxes and seal the box accordingly. During his activity, Sebastian Dean is accompanied and supported by a supervisor. The family-owned company FRICKE wants to give people like Sebastian an opportunity to have a regular everyday life with a social environment.


Lebenshilfe Bremervörde/Zeven

The Lebenshilfe for people with disabilities in Bremervörde-Zeven was founded in 1965. It has set itself the task to make life easier for people with disabilities and to improve. For this reason, the FRICKE Group has long maintained a partnership with Lebenshilfe Bremervörde / Zeven. The FRICKE Group supports various Lebenshilfe projects.

For example, the FRICKE Group sponsors articles from its own range, to carry out a raffle at the “Heeslinger Landmaschinenschau” and the “Tarmstedter Ausstellung”.

The proceeds of the ticket sales will then be donated to Lebenshilfe Bremervörde-Zeven. Another point is the regular contract award by the FRICKE Group to Lebenshilfe. The employees are packing, sorting and pasting articles from the GRANIT assortment, with which the employees of the Lebenshilfe regularly support the employees of the FRICKE Group.


Sports promotion

Heeslinger SC

The “Heeslinger SC” was founded as successor of the “TUS Heeslingen”. The FRICKE Group has been sponsoring the local sports club “TUS Heeslingen” for several decades now and continues to run it at the “Heeslinger Sportclub” since its founding in 2013. In addition to promoting the Oberliga team are also the other youth teams of Heeslinger SC in focus. The sports club is an integral part of the Heeslinger village community. This year, the FRICKE Group also supported the “Heeslinger Sportclub” with two new FIAT team buses.


n addition to the “Heeslinger Sportclub”, the FRICKE Group sponsors selected equestrian tournaments in the region, such as the equestrian tournaments in Zeven and Verden. Julie Marie FRICKE has been riding since the age of two and now participates in more than 10 horse shows a year for the FRICKE Group.

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